Shipping and Other Important Information

Shipping Rates: 1-15 bulbs is $12.50. 16-25 bulbs is $16.50. 26-50 bulbs is $23. Rates subject to change if USPS changes Its rates. If your actual shipping exceeds this amount and you have a refund pending, it can be used to offset the shipping charges.
Payment Due Dates: Spring payments due March 15. Fall Payments due September 15.
Ordering: post the number of bulbs you wish to order under the picture. When I “Like” your post, I have recorded you order. BY PLACING AN ORDER, YOU ARE AGREEING TO THE RULES AS POSTED HERE.
New Customers: Please send a Message or Friend request to establish dialogue. I will need your address and email address to open your account. It is recommended that you maintain a list of what you order so that you can check against your invoice.
Deposits May be required. New customers placing orders over $200 may be requested to make a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. Deposits are only required if requested.
Please remember that once you order an item, it is no longer available to sell to others. Please do not reserve and/or orders items with the intention of cancelling these items at a later date. This is not fair to other customers.
If events happen and you are no longer able to complete your purchase, PLEASE notify me As soon as possible.
Failure to make payment on time means you order will be cancelled. Your account and access to Faraway Flowers Auctions and Sales will be canceled.
Faraway Flowers reserves the right to refuse any order it does not want to accept.
Please do not like other people's post or have conversations as it is disruptive to my sales process. However, conversations and pictures are welcomed on our sister page on Facebook at
IMPORTANT: All items are sold in anticipation of harvest. Many things can go wrong including bulbs that do not size up, bulbs destroyed by rodents, rot, disease, etc. These are all classified as CROP FAILURES. Crop failures are dropped from your invoice. If you have not paid for them, no adjustments are necessary. If paid for, refunds are sent by the method you paid – that is, check or Paypal.
I do my best to deliver products true to name. In some circumstances, the items supplied to me are not correct. In these situations, I am as much a “victim” as you, and I apologize. Errors are reported to my suppliers and if possible items are replaced the following year or as my supplies allow.
Please report errors via email or Private messenger so that we can discuss a reasonable solution.
Ramona Hall Titus DBA Faraway Flowers retains the right to accept or reject any order.